Tips for Runners to Avoid Foot Blisters and Black Toenails


If we're lucky enough to have avoided it ourselves, we've all seen it: feet crused with blisters, blackened thick toenails and callouses. Resonating a dire medical emergency, it's actually a Runner's Foot. And there's two of them. Your feet take a lot of battering: most of us are on them for a few hours a day, and that's not taking into consideration working out. With a bit of attention, it is possible to prevent them being the cause of major embarassment. Here are some tips which work well for us at SBR:


Step 1: 

This should be obvious, but just in case it's not: Get comfortable, well fitted running shoes which are based more on comfort than looks. Sorry, fashionistas! If you haven't followed this step you're bound to have issues with your feet. 


Step 2:

Closely following shoe fitting, make sure your socks are not too tight. You need a good amount of room at the end so your toenails are constantly being squished.


Step 3:

Make sure your toenails are always clipped short and filed. That will prevent your them cutting into the sides of your other toes and finishing a race looking down with surprise at the blood seeping out of your shoes. 


Step 4:

Forget pedicures. Completely! Sorry to break it to you, but filing down callouses and tougher parts of your feet is a huge mistake. You especially need that padding during longer races and when you're flying through the concrete transition area riddled with sharp stones. One pedicure per lifetime is allowed for your wedding!


Step 5: 

Vaseline!! Possibly athlete's 8th wonder of the world for many athletes, it prevents what we all hate: chafing. Triathletes, lather your feet in the stuff once your wetsuit's on right before the swim start, and it should still be in place by the run, ready to slide into your shoes. Runners, you can definitely benefit from this at any distance race.

You can have nice feet and still run! Well.. somewhat. Try it for yourself!

- Coach Medena 

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