Hot and Humid Workout Survival

Dejan maintaining strong form during a MTB training session thanks to good hydration: Wimbledon Common, London, UK

Dejan maintaining strong form during a MTB training session thanks to good hydration: Wimbledon Common, London, UK

The sudden heat surge has taken us all by surprise, and you can put your health at risk if you don't prepare properly before a workout. The key to acclimatising to the heat is gradually building up the heat in your body, without crossing your threshold and overheating. If you do this gradually while making sure you listen to your body’s signals, you will experience a noticeable difference in how you handle the heat when working out.

    Take note of these tips before braving the heat!


  1. Workout earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings to avoid the heat. It will be much less humid during this time of day, and your body will thank you for it.
  2. Keep a cooler with ice cold water in it close by, so you can quickly cool yourself down.

  3. Workout in the shade when possible, running on shaded roads or trails.

  4. Know your hydration requirements. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself gulping down four or more bottles after a tough workout in the heat; you’ll soon find out what works for you.

  5. Be adaptable with your workout goals. You might discover you’re unable to finish that last 800 rep since you’re much more out of breath than normal. Don’t be too hard on yourself: scrap the last rep, and consider doing your next workout inside until you’ve fully adapted to the heat.

Essentials for your kit bag

    Sports drink – get those electrolytes replenished. Don't make the mistake of drinking tons of water; this will flush your system and actually dehydrate you! You need salt, and lots of it. This will also help to prevent cramps which might creep in on a tough workout. To save money and space on buying pre-made sports drinks, buy the powder. It’s a lot cheaper and much more convenient, since you can adjust the strength levels to your preference.

    Bananas – replenish that potassium and stop yourself from cramping during a tough workout.

    Sunscreen – work on your bike shorts tan without worrying about sunburn.

    Towel - you’ll undoubtedly be thankful for this in the middle of a blistering hot track workout.

    Most importantly, make sure you listen to your body. If you feel like you need to stop, then stop. There’s no point in over-exhausting yourself and setting yourself back for a week. Train hard, but train smart.

- Coach Medena 
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