Spring into Shape!

Alicia stretching after her run on the Hudson River, NYC

Alicia stretching after her run on the Hudson River, NYC

Just when you thought you could continue to hibernate in your non workout hole for the rest of the year, summer’s here, which mean beaches, less clothes, and let’s face it: you need to look good. Fret no more. This workout series is going to get you back in shape, even if it’s a tad painful at first. What? No one said looking good was easy. Try this 5-day workout plan and let us know what you think. You can do this workouts any way you like – running, swimming, on the bike, even on the elliptical!

Day 1
This workout focuses on building aerobic capacity while introducing a bit of speed, to remind your body what that feels like.

Warm up: 10 mins easy, nice and relaxed

Workout: 10 x 1 min at 85% of max effort, 1 min easy at 50% effort
i.e. If you have chosen to do a running workout, you would run for 1 minute at a high effort, then jog for a minute, repeating 10 times

Cool down: 5 mins easy, relaxed. Stretch!

    *If you're out of shape, the quickest way to get fit is to do workouts with alternating speeds, but on your 'rest' intervals, to continue to go easy, rather than total rest. This way, your heart rate is still elevated, even though you are technically recovering from the speed intervals.

Day 2
Easy 30-40 minutes of your chosen activity

Day 3
Speed intervals, with maximum rest.

Warm up: 10 mins easy


6-8 reps of 30 seconds as fast as you can, with 2 minutes full rest between each one.

Cool down: 5-10 minutes easy.
Make sure you stretch very well!

Day 4
Rest or Cross-Train, depending on how energetic you feel!

Day 5
Easy, Longer aerobic activity of 45-50 minutes

Most importantly, enjoy it!

- Coach Medena 
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