Summer Workout: Get Ripped

This workout consists of a strength focused exercise, followed by a core/ab targeting one to allow you to 'rest' one muscle group while efficiently working another.

Deyan doing pull ups in his garden: London, UK

Deyan doing pull ups in his garden: London, UK

10-15 Push ups
1 min Plank, 30 sec side Plank

10 Wide Arm Pull Ups if able / Lat Pull using weights
10 Crunches

10 Tricep Skull Crushes / Tricep Dips - your choice
10 Single Leg Squat - add Bosu or disc to increase difficulty

10 Seated Row
10 Side Crunches

10 DB (Dumbbell) Bench Press
10 Toe Touches

10 DB Military Press
10 Bicycles

Repeat Twice, with no more than 5 secs rest between exercises.

Tried and tested? Let us know your feedback!

*Need clarification on any of the exercises or technique? Comment below and we'll get right back to you.

- Coach Medena 
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