Why triathlon is so much more than just... triathlon.

Medena, Tina, Rachel and Doug pose for a group pic during a bike-run brick workout: Minuteman Trail, Boston, MA

Medena, Tina, Rachel and Doug pose for a group pic during a bike-run brick workout: Minuteman Trail, Boston, MA

People say that triathletes are some of the most helpful and friendliest people around. Where else would you find someone willing to stop their workout and help you out with a flat on the Minuteman trail? Give you a lift home and a meal out of the kindness of their hearts? The people who do triathlon are a very specific type of people; welcoming, friendly and inclusive. Whether you fall into the category of being seriously Type A, meticulous and a real mileage junkie, or into the more relaxed category of doing triathlon to have a fun and meet people, you’re likely to form life-long friendships through your training. Although triathlon can be a solitary sport if you choose to make it one, you can make it so much more if you embrace clubs, teams and fun competitions. It’s a way of networking, making friends, and of course bonding during painful workouts, making them that much more rewarding and fun. You’ll find yourself much more motivated to get down to the pool if you’re swimming with a few friends, and they’ll even help you push your limits. Running and chatting at the same time will get you even fitter, and it’s a lot more enjoyable. Here are some ideas to connect with people through triathlon, which don’t have to be expensive:

  • Join a club, or two: The great thing about triathlon being a three discipline sport means you can join a club in each of these: swim, bike and run.
  • Join an email chain: with meet up information; runs and rides in your area
  • Network on Twitter or Facebook: Follow people with the same interests as you; who knows where it might lead?
  • Participate in local events or races: Depending on where you live in New England, there are always some kind of low key, even free races on on a weekly basis. Check out Fresh Pond races in Cambridge for instance. You can just show up five minutes before, and race options are 2.5 (1 lap) or 5 miles (2 laps).
  • Just get out there: There are bound to be other people working out alone, too. Why not just put on a friendly smile and say hi as you catch up to that runner along the Charles? Chances are they’re looking for a running buddy too, and will appreciate you being friendly.

... But, you’re a friendly triathlete right? You didn’t even need this advice!

- Coach Medena 
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