Last Non-Wetsuit La Jolla Cove Swim of the Summer


It's official; our last non-wetsuit swim in the Cove may have happened. Of course we're referring to the triathletes; not the hardened open water swimmers who brave the ocean the entire year in only speedos and bathing suits. Some even continue this feat in the North East; cracking ice just to get in the water. Hard for some Southern Californians to believe, but true!

A small group of us swam sans wetsuits yesterday morning and promptly regretted it. A hasty sprint to the 1/2 mile buoy was followed with shivers and grimaces. Quickly we reached a consensus to swim as fast as possible to one more pin and head straight back to the beach. Of course, there are other great ocean swimming spots which will be much warmer, but the Cove is naturally colder most of the year. The first light swim will happen again next week as usual, but we won't be braving it without our second skin! Do you swim relentlessly through the 'winter' here in San Diego and rely only on a hot thermos to warm you up afterwards? Or are you more comfortable in your trusty wetsuit?

- Coach Medena 
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