Best Triathlon Training Groups in Boston

A bustling and active city, Boston is packed with great groups to train with for triathlon. There's something for everyone, whether it's triathlon clubs, or single sport training in track, biking and swimming clubs. We have put together our top 6 triathlon training groups in Boston, which was a tough feat since there are so many we love. Please note that this is a list for triathletes of all levels so we've included beginner and advanced groups. Whether you're visiting the area or moving here, these are great groups to get in a great workout and meet new people! 

Cambridge Masters at Harvard Pool

1. Cambridge Masters Swimming Club

Calling swimmers of all ages and abilities! This is our favourite workout group in Boston as it's so friendly, fun and there are so many workouts to choose from! We love training at Harvard Pool, and the coaches are awesome. Head Coach Abe Rogers was an highly accomplished triathlete himself going to Olympic trials in 2000. For really fast swimmers, you'll have former D1 and Olympic swimmers to train with (even Dara Torres swims here!), lots of the members are triathletes focusing on improving their swim times, and there is also a good sized crew of newbies. You'll get a rockin' good workout here and make great friends if you want to hang out and chat afterwards. Fun socials and events take place on a regular basis, too. 

Wheelworks Sunday Morning Bike Rides

2. Wheelworks Sunday Morning Rides

Open to all abilities, our favourite bike shop in Belmont holds longer steady paced rides every Sunday. Make sure you bring your helmet and a flat kit, and get ready to explore the beautiful towns of nearby Lexington, Lincoln and Concord. It's a great way to spice up your weekend and meet other athletes. If you need any help with your bike before or after, the mechanics are top notch. You may even get to ride with the local legend Ed Sassler who often leads these rides! 

Community Running Club

3. Community Running Club

Catered to beginner and intermediate runners, this group market themselves as 'professional coaching in a non-competitive environment'. They offer coached track workouts at MIT indoor and outdoor tracks so you'll have somewhere to work on speed in during the winter months. Allison McCabe, a very fast local miler from GBTC coaches here! She says the weekend themed runs are one of the best parts! If you're stuck in a rut with your training schedule and want to meet some new people, check out this workout. There's also a Couch-To-5K program for beginners!

Winchester Rippers Bike Ride

4. Winchester Rippers 

This is a fun and friendly bike club with something for everyone. Not for the faint-hearted, there are the faster Tues/Thursday rides which meet at either 5.45 am or 5.52 am depending on your speed. They squeeze in a fast rep up the 'Ripper' hill after which the club is named (the second group is the faster of the two, trying to catch the 545s). There's also a bunch of other rides including the Muffin and Hill (no drop) ride. The weekday rides are all back by 7 am so you can get to your desk by 8 after a shot of espresso ;)

SBR Boston's Race Specific Workouts

5. SBR Boston's Race Specific Workouts

Ok, call us biased but we genuinely think this is one of the best triathlon workouts in Boston. Since it's all race specific, you're going through the disciplines at the pace you would on race day, practicing transitions at an awesome training location: Upper Mystic Lake in Arlington. And we're a friendly and fun group open to all. Maybe the best part... it's FREE

Greater Boston Track Club

6. Greater Boston Track Club

If you're a runner looking for something more competitive but still fun, GBTC are an awesome friendly track club. Coach Tom Dederian is a local running legend (you may have read his books on the history of the Boston Marathon!) and Coaches Rod Hemingway and Dave Callum are incredibly talented and inspirational. The club even holds their own XC race every year. They compete in many local track and XC races at Franklin Park, and always put together a team for the Boston Marathon. Distances vary from Sprints (100-400m) and Mid-Distance (800m-3K) to 5Ks, 10Ks and the marathon, and they have a Masters program too! 

There you have it: The 6 best triathlon training groups in Boston! Did we miss your favourite one? Let us know! You may also be interested to read our post on The 6 Best Triathlons in Boston.

- Coach Medena 
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