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Training with Medena was like finally reading the manual for my triathlete self. I had been competing in Sprint and Olympic races for a couple of seasons with moderate success, but was not progressing or reaching my most recent goals, frustration was setting in. Medena is helping me to achieve those goals by teaching me how to incorporate track workouts for speed and pacing, interval training on the bike, and brick workouts. She analyzed my run technique and pedal stroke mechanics to make me more powerful and efficient. She has a great attention to detail and is always observing and making suggestions on ways to improve. I have had several “Aha” moments where she taught me a better way to do something, she really knows her stuff. She is also very nice and fun so you feel like you are training with a friend.
— Meghan Bailey
Within forty-five seconds Medena identified issues in my pedal stroke and had me working on drills to improve efficiency. I felt faster after just one session! My only regret is that I didn’t find her years ago.
— Kyle York
This is always a great workout with great friends. It is always time well spent, as workouts are designed to push you hard and make you sweat. Having a good group of people always helps me to push myself, and working out with others always helps to bring me to the next level. Medena is an amazing coach and leader and always brings inspiration and humor to every workout. Everyone should come to one of these amazing workouts!
— Tina Los
I am training for my first triathlon, and Coach Medena helped me immensely with open water swimming. I have never done it before, and after two sessions, I went from fearing the open water to being quite comfortable. She gave me extremely valuable tips, from how to start the race, what to focus on while swimming, what to do when the unexpected happens, and transitioning. She noticed a few aspects of my stroke that could be modified, and gave me drills that specifically addressed them. She is a wonderful coach, very positive! I HIGHLY recommend her!
— Michael Stany
I love Medena and I’m so happy I found her! She took the time to call me up before we even met, so we could chat about my training and experience so far, my goals, injuries, etc.
We understand each other and communicate well, and she is both firm and encouraging as a coach. I always look forward to our sessions! She has given me endurance and strength building drills and exercises, daily core work and lots of tips and tricks on how to improve my stride and avoid injury. I am finding a strength in my core that I never experienced before, even in my 15 years as a professional dancer. She gave me valuable advice on taking care of an ankle injury that has been affecting my running for quite some time now, and showed me a supplemental workout to do while it heals, which made me feel MUCH better about the fact that I can’t run right now! I will be back soon, injury free thanks to Medena, and I know I will be running for a very long time.
— Rebecca Protzmann
Most people assume that you just know how to run naturally - I certainly did! But just one session with Medena revealed some very helpful insight into my posture and cadence that could go a long way to improving my running. After analyzing my form, she immediately had drills and exercises that are already having an impact for me. Medena is positive and supportive and very knowledgable about many aspects of running. I’m looking forward to future sessions and the PRs that her help will yield this fall!
— Tim Buntel
Medena is a wonderful coach! After only one session of working on drills and strength exercises, I already feel like my running form has improved significantly. Not only is Medena very knowledgable about running, but she is also great at translating her knowledge to those she coaches, making the information easily accessible and fun to learn. Medena’s thoughtful feedback and enthusiastic encouragement makes her a great coach, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their running.
— Natalie Malter
Coach Medena was excellent! She worked with my daughter to improve her swimming and diving skills! She helped her achieve all of her goals and we will booking future sessions with her. Medena is very kind, patience and supportive in coaching. I highly recommend her.
— Gene Manning
Coach medena was fun and professional during a one hour swim lesson. She gave me MANY pointers to focus on during my work outs. I will definitely take more sessions and recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their swimming.
— Travis Manasco
Meghan Bailey
Tina Los
Thank you Medena; I get so much out of the swim coaching. You are a great teacher. I wish I could could bring you to every swim I do. :)
— David Altman
SBR New England’s Medena Knespl has been my running coach for several years and has done much to get my run up to par for national and international competitions in recent racing seasons. She is a great coach and I always enjoy the SBR-NE “Race Pace Workouts”, where a fine group of triathletes, some from my own Wheelworks Multisport Team plus some others who are attracted to this realistic training opportunity always provide good company and challenging pacing! I hope area triathletes will join SBR-New England and take advantage of the training and coaching offered!
— Sherman Roberts

Over the last year Medena worked with me to help improve both my stroke in the pool and my running form. I could not be happier with the result. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the training, and was very effective in identifying problems that have long plagued my swim form. She has also provided invaluable information on training for a triathlon in general as well as specific racing strategies.
— Sergey Andreev
I found the Swim Bike Run group in Boston and they invited me right away to join their workouts. Medena, the head coach, helped me complete my first triathlon. Their workouts are efficient and fun! No time wasted. I would highly recommend this group to anyone interested in improving their triathlon training and making new friends doing it!
— Blake Toder
I have made significant progress after each of my first two sessions of open water swimming with Coach Medena. She provides good observations and instructions, and gives me good tasks to work on to develop my technique in between sessions.
— Andrew Forsman
I’ve been running for fitness for a few years, and much like everyone on the planet I thought I knew how to run before going to coach Medena. But I was wrong! After just one session she was able to drastically alter my form to be a much more efficient and safe runner. I’ve always been concerned about whether running would hurt my knees as I get older, but with correct form I’m no longer worried.

Prior to taking lessons I was also getting a little bored of running, but now it’s fun. She was able to tailor my training to maximize the little time I have to run each week, and I continue to see big improvements in both speed and comfort. It’s also carried over into my other activities like mountain biking. My general level of fitness and strength has greatly gone up and for that I am very thankful to have found Medena!
— David Cottrell
Coach Medena has been a great coach in teaching me drills and adjusting/tweaking my swimming technique for a triathlon. She is informative, patient, and encourages me, which is great! I have tried other swimming programs in the past couple of years, but none of it has helped me a great deal. However, after just two lessons with Medena, I have already progressed a lot and have easily doubled my swimming distance. I now feel confident that I can finally reach my goal in completing a triathlon. I would definitely recommend Medena to my swimming friends!
— Benjamin Ho
Medena worked with my 16 year old daughter, who is a Division I high school varsity swimmer, and who swims in USA competitions. She is very serious about swimming and hopes to swim in college. Medena’s worked with her on swim technique, starts and turns. Her enthusiasm and ability to communicate with a 16 year old was tremendous. I believe she has a great deal of intricate knowledge about the sport of woman’s swimming and my daughter found the workout quite helpful, as she gained some new ideas about technical aspects of a sport that she has been involved in for over 6+ years. I would highly recommend Medena to any athlete or parent, who is looking to have their daughter obtain some valuable knowledge relative to the sport of swimming.
— Francis LaRovere
Medena was awesome, I couldn’t imagine a better coach for swimming and/or triathlon training. She consistently focused on the things we thought (and also those that we didn’t think of!) we needed to improve on and designed drills specifically for those weaknesses. We did a group session of swims and we plan on continuing!
— Bradley Ericson
Coach Medena was a pleasure to work with and an excellent coach. She quickly picked up on our different skill level and got us working a progression of drills that led to a significant improvement for both of us. In addition to her excellent coaching, she was also a pleasure to work with on scheduling (2 person lesson can be a challenge) and helped answer many other tri related questions we had as novice triathletes.
— Dave Miller
David Altman
Sherman Roberts
Sergey Andreev
Medena’s coaching helped me make the transition from a relatively in shape weekend athlete to a competitive and fit triathlete. Now I am performing better than 25 years ago, having achieved my goal of completing several Half Ironman Triathlons including my P.R. of 5 hrs and 28 mins! Medena is passionate, knowledgeable, motivated and kind. Coach to athlete communication is outstanding. She took me to a higher level as an athlete, competitor and person.
— Aaron Gilbert
Never more than a competent swimmer, I began swimming in fall as a way to exercise after my competition season had finished. With Medena’s encouragement and easy to follow training plan, I went from struggling to swim 20 lengths to putting in a steady 2 kilometres twice a week. Inspired by this and determined to not let a mean winter get the best of me, I asked Medena if she would devise a treadmill fitness plan for me also. Having never been a runner, it was difficult to begin with but with time and a varied program from Medena I was eventually able to progress to 45 minute sessions a day, something I’d genuinely never been able to do before. Medena is a fabulous coach; no matter what your level or facility for exercise, she will adapt her knowledge and expertise to suit you and your needs.
— Jill Waiton
Coach Medena was awesome! Can’t wait to see her again! She has the patience of a Saint.
— Rachel Jordan
I am a beginning triathlete who needed some help with my swimming. I tried different things- DVD, group classes, etc. After 1 session with Medena, I took off about 1 minute from my 500 meter time. In the 2nd session I actually started to really enjoy swimming. I’m signed up for my 2nd triathlon actually wishing that the swim part was longer. She is very encouraging, and was able to pinpoint the main error in my swim technique immediately.
— Jolene Torres
Coach Medena was fantastic. After taking the time to thoroughly understand the specifics of my athletic goals, she brought all her years of experience to customise a training program best suited to help me reach those goals. She was incredibly patient, as well as creative, in thinking of ways to help me break through training plateaus. Highly recommend.
— Ahmad El Naggar
I’ve had several sessions with Coach Medena now and she’s been extremely helpful. I was interested in improving my running technique and form, and also getting faster. Medena has helped me through various drills and exercises both to improve my form, and to strengthen various muscle groups to ensure I stay injury free. We’re working hard together to change my gait and it’s definitely having a positive impact. There’s no way I could do this successfully by myself.

Medena’s always positive and provides plenty of encouragement during our sessions. Would definitely recommend her to anyone in the area.
— Tim Fennell
Coach Medena was very helpful in my introductory lesson. She listened to what my personal goals were and helped advise me on specific drills and exercises to improve my form. I feel like I actually ‘get’ what good form feels like!
— Elise Haufmann
Coach Medena is a fantastic Coach. After just a few sessions, I feel like a more experienced swimmer and ready to take on my first sprint triathlon. I would HIGHLY recommend Coach Medena to anyone.
— Kim Kiefer
Coach Medena has spirit and energy required to keep you motivated when struggling with a swim stroke. Her constant attention, and keen eye never allows you to stray too far and I cannot say enough about her ability at quickly transforming my swim to an understanding of the stroke, position of the body and comfort level I have not had in the water. While I have much more work to do I am no longer at the back in the swim and now in the pack of swimmers. Thank you for everything.
— Sasha Bradley
Coach Medena is a great coach and motivator who makes lessons both fun and challenging. She has the ability to analyze your current swim level and work lessons around both your strengths and weaknesses.
— Michael Riley
Medena did a great job of helping me improve my swimming. She gave practical tips and drills that helped me improve with each session. Her positive attitude and encouragement also makes it fun. Thank you!
— Prasad Sulur
Medena has been a fantastic coach, she is reasonable and realistic, she has a great sense of humor and is very encouraging! And she knows her athletes’ strengths and weaknesses. Since the initial meeting, I felt like I could do it; she gave me the kick in the butt I needed, did the appropriate hand holding and tailored the plan to meet my goal of finishing the Olympic, in 10 weeks time. Now my next goal is to stay in shape and improve my times. Medena is the real deal!
— Kate Gerne
Aaron Gilbert

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